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6 Years Select Board Experience 




I’ve had the honor of serving on Sudbury’s Board of Selectmen—soon to be Select Board! —for six years. I am excited to announce that I am running for re-election.

Sudbury has been my home for 26 years. Our family moved here in 1994, attracted by the town’s rural beauty and its excellent school system. Our two sons were educated in Sudbury Public Schools, and both have graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury. Prior to retirement, professionally my background was in communications programming. Communications programming demands a logical approach, identifying problems precisely and communicating clearly both what went wrong and how we can address it. This has always been my approach as I make decisions that directly impact our community.

In 2004 I became actively involved in town government, volunteering to serve on the Rail Trail Conversion Advisory Committee. Over the years I became more informed and involved and developed an interest in a broader range of town issues. In 2012 I was elected to Sudbury’s Planning Board and in 2014 to the Board of Selectmen and was honored to be re-elected in 2017. Having served on multiple boards and as a liaison to over 20 committees - including Finance, our Schools, CPC, and Capital has afforded me a vast knowledge in many aspects of the Town.

As the longest serving member of the current Select Board, my experience and institutional knowledge will be instrumental in helping our new Town Manager achieve a smooth transition into Sudbury while collaborating with my Board to accomplish the priorities of our town.

I have demonstrated my ability to dig into complex issues, listening to multiple viewpoints objectively, to balance competing interests when proposing solutions. Together we face many challenges: creating a new Community Center, prioritizing and funding routine and extraordinary capital projects, updating the Board’s policies, advancing the rail trails, protecting our environment, and maintaining our AAA bond rating among them. However, I believe my record demonstrates that I am willing and able to tackle them.

I have spent 16 years volunteering in our town government. I have raised my family in Sudbury, educated our now grown children here, and have chosen to retire here. I am invested. I am invested in you, your families, and your ability to age in place in our beautiful town.

I ask for your support on Election Day, Tuesday, June 23. It would be a great privilege to continue to serve our community. 


Pat Brown

Whispering Pine Road


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