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Why Am I Running?

Sudbury is managing significant challenges and threats while the turnover among both our Select Board and experienced staff, including our Town Manager and department heads, is the highest it’s been in recent memory. We’re pushing back against massive new transmission lines, threats to our open space, a growing traffic crisis, development that’s stressing our town’s infrastructure, and more.

At this pivotal time in our Town’s history, and in order to ensure Sudbury continues to be a great place for people of all of life’s stages to live, I believe we need a reliable and experienced voice in town government to ensure a smooth transition from where we are to where we want to be.

I can provide that voice and, honestly, I don’t see who else can. The experience I have garnered over the past six years allows me to place the serious changes confronting our Town in context, and to provide that background to newer members and employees.

We are bringing a new Town Manager on board this spring. He brings a wealth of expertise, leadership, and potential which will serve Sudbury well. During his “onboarding” he will benefit from the support and direction of town staff, and of the Select Board. We need to be sure he gets not only the training he needs, but also a sense of the history, geography, connections, values, and culture of the community. Empowering our new Town Manager to serve our community well into the future will be my top priority.

I strongly oppose the Eversource proposal, and I believe continued opposition is critical to our success. My presence enables all five members of the Board to join in opposition under the Rule of Necessity.

Regarding Sudbury’s turnover in town staff over the past few years, a lot of this is the predictable retirement of senior staff, but it does diminish the institutional memory. Here again my experience and familiarity with Sudbury town government will help to fill in the gaps and enable staff to interact on an informed basis with town residents who have long-standing issues. Whatever we can do to support staff and reduce turnover facilitates the efficient delivery of municipal services that impact our everyday lives. 

Finally, Sudbury’s Select Board functions as our chief executive body. I am the longest serving member of the Select Board, having been on the Board almost as long as the other four members combined. Modeling the role of Select Board member and providing the context for the decisions I take is something that naturally falls to the most senior member, and it’s a responsibility I take seriously. I am running for re-election to the Select Board because I believe that my experience and institutional knowledge, my ability to listen and to learn, and my demonstrated ability to serve as a Select Board member will help Sudbury to face the challenges confronting it today. I am running because I deeply value this community and its people, and because I want to ensure that its best days are ahead. I am dedicated and committed to serving this community for the next three years, and to being “all in” for Sudbury. I ask for your support at the town elections on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

Committee to Elect Pat Brown
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