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Letter to the Editor, March 10, 2020, Ray Phillips

I urge you to vote March 30 for Pat Brown for Select Board

Pat, during her two previous terms in office as Select Board member, has proven to be an effective voice for our entire community and has exhibited the wisdom, integrity and experience that this position demands.

As a volunteer and president of local nonprofit Protect Sudbury, I have seen first-hand just how valuable an understanding of past town issues and challenges as well as current state and local processes and procedures can be when plotting a course for success in the future. Pat has by far the most town government experience. In fact, she has more experience than all of the other four current board members combined. With a new Town Manager coming on board this will be extremely important to ensure a smooth transition for Sudbury.

Pat’s continued presence on the board also ensures that all five Select Board members can fully participate in the important strategic decisions that will be needed over the next two to three years as the fight with Eversource continues on.Read More.....

Rule of Necessity Pat Brown- Re-Election for Select Board

Four years ago the Town initiated a lawsuit with the MBTA. The story behind this lawsuit is important for the JUN2020 Town election. In JUN2017 the MBTA (a public agency) and Eversource (a private corporation) entered into a lease agreement for the MBTA Right of Way (RoW) in Sudbury. This agreement allows Eversource to build and operate a high voltage transmission line on the RoW. Not only would this transmission line impede future public use of the property as a rail line (the protected purpose of the RoW), it also creates significant environmental damage in Sudbury’s most sensitive areas (Memorial Forest, Hop Brook, Assabet River Preserve, etc). The lease agreement is precedent setting and, arguably, illegal. The burden to prove this private use of the publicly owned MBTA RoW is illegal rests with Sudbury. Read More.....

Letter to the Editor, March 10, 2020, Bob Haarde

Pat Brown’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail is exactly what Sudbury needs right now with a brand new Town Manager and a Select Board with all other members in their first 3 year term. Sudbury is in a unique position right now. Sudbury has not had a brand new Town Manager and a new Select Board at the same time for as long as anyone can remember. Now is the time for Pat Brown.

I had the pleasure of serving with Pat and I can attest to her ability to analyze complex issues, understand the most obscure technicalities and skillfully educate the board on the laws and regulations to achieve consensus. Pat has been the calm in the storm guiding us through many difficult issues with her calm demeanor, collaborative approach and unrivaled command of the details.Read More.....

Letter to the Editor, March 12, 2020, Sarah Liberman

I've had the privilege of knowing Pat Brown over the last few years and have worked with her on several topics in town. She's tirelessly available to the public, continually insightful and diplomatic in her viewpoints, and consistently demonstrates her commitment to and passion for Sudbury. And she's incredibly smart, patient, and respectful—all important qualities to maintain on the Select Board. Please join me in voting for Pat Brown on Monday, March 30, for the following reasons:

  1. Pat has the most experience and knowledge of town-related issues than any member of the Select Board. Her nearly encyclopedic knowledge of all things Sudbury (seriously, quiz her!)—from meetings and votes to finances and operations—are an incredible asset to this town and one we can't afford to lose. She's respected and admired for her pragmatic approach to decision-making, which is always driven by what's best for the town, not her personal interests.
  2. Pat's institutional knowledge is critical during this transition period with the new town manager starting in April. Her 6 years on the Select Board and 16 years of volunteerism interacting with more than 20 boards and committees is the kind of experience that the town manager can draw from and rely on as he assumes his new role. She adds tremendous value to the Board that is difficult to rival.
  3. Pat has already started to work—and will continue her efforts—on addressing the current L-S Regional Agreement, which has not been amended since 1988 and is woefully out of compliance. With 71% of the town's budget going toward education—100% of Sudbury Public Schools and 87.9% of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (a percentage that increases each year)—Pat recognizes the need to update the agreement in light of current educational and administrative requirements, to promote a seamless K–12 experience and to decrease duplication across the two administrations. This is an issue that every resident in Sudbury should be interested in having the Board tackle. Pat has the expertise, wherewithal, and dedicated time to get it done.Read More.....

Letter to the Editor, March 23, 2020, Dan DePompei

On March 10, a Letter to the Editor was posted accusing Pat Brown of being ineffective as a member of the Select Board.

The letter listed several events over the past eight years that apparently offended the writer’s sense of righteousness. The writer claims Ms. Brown is anti-rail trail and at Town Meeting 2012 voted against articles that would bring the BFRT to Sudbury. Please note the Articles 34 & 35 were resolutions not binding articles. They were on the warrant to determine town sentiments for a Rail Trail design. Article 34 questioned if we should design to MADoT Standards on the MADoT RoW. Article 35 questioned if the northern half-mile of Sudbury’s trail should be part of Concord’s trail design. The selectmen chose to take no position on these articles. They left the presentation to others.

In presenting risks within Article 34, Ms. Brown warned several large properties along the RoW felt threatened by the construction. She questioned blind obedience to the MADoT RoW. If abutting property owners felt disenfranchised and sold to developers, negative consequences could outweigh perceived benefits. In fact, owners of one large parcel in Town Center sold to the Sudbury Station developer. We are now paying significant consequences for imposing an uncompromising Row and Standards on abutting property owners.Read More.....

 Letter to the Editor, Kevin Matthews

We are at a critically important time for Sudbury. As we set our priorities, and plan for our future, we need Select Board members who are equipped to address our immediate needs and who have the drive and experience to tackle the long-term planning for our successful future. As we welcome our new town manager, we need Select Board members who have the unique experience in this important transition. In this election, that person is Pat Brown. I am enthusiastically supporting Pat, because it is vital that we choose people who are experienced and knowledgeable to lead our community.Read More.....

Letter to the Editor, March 2, 2020, Sally Hild

  "On March 30, Sudbury will hold its town election. The seat for Select Board is the only contested race. It is an important vote, nonetheless, so I hope residents will exercise their right to choose the candidate who will best represent Sudbury. I am writing to express support for Pat Brown for Select Board." Read More...

Letter to the Editor, March 2, 2020, Alice Sapienza

"I am delighted to write this letter of support for Pat Brown, who is seeking reelection to Sudbury’s Select Board. Let me begin by acknowledging my own initial ignorance of such boards and those who serve on them. Coming to the town of Sudbury after living and working in cities most of my life provided a surprising civics lesson. I learned that Sudbury works so well not only because of the town’s paid staff but also because of the many unpaid town volunteers. Our town’s volunteer members of the Select Board have enormous responsibility as “the primary policy-making body of the town.” My reason for supporting Pat’s reelection is that I have observed her passion for and consistent commitment to effective policy-making as a member of that board." Read More...

Committee to Elect Pat Brown
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