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Pat Brown on the Issues

We face many issues in Sudbury but below is a short list of important ones and how I stand on them. 


Successful transition to a new Town Manager

I am the only Select Board member with experience in a transition of a new Town Manager. Under Sudbury’s strong Town Manager Act, the success of the Town Manager is the success of the Select Board—and the Town. We have hired a strong candidate who will benefit from both the length and breadth of my experience in municipal government as he transitions to his new role. When Melissa Rodrigues was hired as Town Manager in 2015, she was confronted with a number of ongoing issues: the Sudbury Station 40B proposal, environmental review of the Melone property, withdrawal from the Minuteman Regional Vocational School District, and negotiating a Development Agreement with National Development for the former Raytheon site to name a few. I was able to provide background on these issues to help her understand the local context of these situations and to avoid inadvertently creating confusion or concern as she addressed them. Because she knew there were longstanding issues she could be sensitive to the unspoken but deeply held convictions in the community.  (Read More)

Unwavering opposition to Eversource

As Sudbury moves into the appeals stage of our opposition to the Eversource transmission project, my presence on the Board ensures by invoking the Rule of Necessity that we have five committed members opposing this proposal. 

Since I am one of three members with a perceived conflict of interest, my continued presence enables all five Board members to vote on this issue. If I am not elected to another term then Select Board Members Carty, Schineller and I will no longer be able to participate in the opposition to Eversource. The Rule of Necessity will no longer apply. I believe the action of five Board members together makes the strongest statement of support for our legal strategy.  (Read More)

Fairbank Community Center

The Fairbank Center is a failing building, and we need to address this.  How will we accommodate the three user groups housed within the building?  How will we accommodate the services delivered to the public? How will we maintain the pool?  And how will we finance our solution?

We’ve been working on this issue since 2012, and we’re now on our third iteration of design.  The Fairbank Working Group convened by the Town Manager has developed a proposal to bring before Town Meeting.  It is important that voters have full information to make an informed decision about this proposal and that we abide by their decision.

(Read More)

What kind of Bruce Freeman Rail Trail do I want for Sudbury?

I have always believed the rail right of way is a public asset and should be used for public benefit.  My commitment has been to accuracy and proper fiscal oversight; to process.  I believe that in order to get the best project for Sudbury, and to convince the widest cross-section of residents to support what was clearly going to be a major public investment, we need Town boards to act impartially and meticulously.  In the end not everyone will be happy, regardless of what we do, but having an open process is the only way for all voices to be heard. Passionate advocates are organized, energetic and vocal; quieter voices should be encouraged to speak up as well. (Read More)

Good Government

Admit it—you’re bored already.  But what I call “good government” is the ongoing basic governance of the town.  

What constitutes “good government”?  

(Read More)

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