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Fairbank Community Center

The Fairbank Center is a failing building, and we need to address this.  How will we accommodate the three user groups housed within the building?  How will we accommodate the services delivered to the public? How will we maintain the pool?  And how will we finance our solution?

We’ve been working on this issue since 2012, and we’re now on our third iteration of design.  The Fairbank Working Group convened by the Town Manager has developed a proposal to bring before Town Meeting.  It is important that voters have full information to make an informed decision about this proposal and that we abide by their decision.

For this project, as for other major capital projects such as the acquisition of Broadacres Farm and Sewataro, the entire town must weigh in both at Town Meeting and at the ballot box.  This is a significant decision and we all live with it—whatever we collectively decide.

I am confident that the community will attend carefully to the proposal generated by the Town Manager’s Working Group and will vote the project on its merits.  I wholeheartedly support bringing this proposal to Town Meeting and to the voters, as I have done with other major capital projects.


Committee to Elect Pat Brown
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